Our Vision

Mission Statement

Each harvest at Sacred Farms Ministries (SFM) will contribute to feeding God’s children, advancing the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and cultivating the next generation of sowers.


On the day He fed the 5,000, Jesus told his disciples who were asking Him to send the hungry crowd away, to “Feed them yourselves” (Matthew 14:16). We believe this was an order and a call to all followers of Christ.

Through Sacred Farms, we can answer this call.

We have identified and partnered with churches and schools in areas plagued by poverty and malnutrition in Haiti. Furthermore, we hope to collaborate with other organizations that are committed to fighting hunger. Our goal is to have a “Sacred” farm in all nine departments of the country - and eventually in other impoverished areas around the world.


As a ministry that seeks to glorify God, our ultimate goal is to advance the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. In Matthew 28:19, we all have been called to be ministers of the gospel. Therefore, at SFM, our interaction with the world around us will first and foremost demonstrate the love of God.


SFM has been called to cultivate the land God has richly blessed us with. To achieve this, our primary area of focus is agriculture. We have also been given the mission to invest in the youth, the next generation of sowers. We believe they are an important part of the field Jesus was referring to when he said “the harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few”(Matthew 9:37).

We trust that God will also use SFM to impact the culture, reinvigorate agriculture and embrace farming life in Haiti. We plan to invest in educating and preparing the next generation of Haitian sowers and involving children and youth as an integral part of our vision.