Our Initiative

This initiative in St. Michel de L’Attalaye is very special for Sacred Farms Ministries (SFM), as it is our first agricultural project.

It opens the door to truly implement our vision: “Every harvest in Sacred Farms Ministries, Inc. will contribute to feeding God’s children, advance the gospel, and cultivating the next generation of sowers”.

This pilot on 3 acres of land, not only allows us to farm, but also provides the opportunity to incorporate the agricultural program, teaching school age children about farming; all in the name of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

In the face of the challenging situation in Haiti, God is calling us to sow. Would you join us with your financial support? Click on the link below to sow your seed today.

Sowing to Feed
2023 Progression: Beans, Corn, Peanuts planted
Sacred Farms occupies 3 acres of land
Irrigation prep