We are delighted that you have joined the fight to end the needless suffering of malnourished children

Dear Friend,

Thank you for your interest in becoming a partner of Sacred Farms Ministries, Inc. (SFM)
We are a 501 (c3) organization committed to: feeding God’s children, advancing the gospel of Jesus Christ, and preparing the next generation of sowers. When you give to SFM you are actively involved in revitalizing agriculture in Haiti, feeding malnourished children and preparing them to become future Haitian farmers. (See the ‘About Us’ page)

To become a Sacred Farms Partner, simply click the "become a partner" button to give your monthly re-ocurring donation. ($5.00 or More)
Here are some of the benefits of being a SFM Partner:
* Tax deductible donations
* Joining our communication/mailing list
* Sponsorship opportunities at SFM events
* Possibility for mission trips
* Access to yearly financial report
* Opportunity to sponsor a child for our agricultural program (More info to come…)

Once again, we thank you for partnering with us.  As a faith-based organization, we seek to be good stewards of our vision and resources. Rest assured that your full donation will be used to further our mission.

Sacred Farms Ministries, Inc.
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